Royston Removals your removals specialist

Royston removalsWhy use Royston Removals?

We are a small, family-run removals company that places customer satisfaction above anything else. We know that one unhappy customer could devastate our reputation so we will do our utmost to ensure everything is exactly as our customer wants, without exception.

Our team has years of experience in this industry and have been trained to the highest standards. We only use these highly skilled workers and will never outsource our home removals to an agency, mainly because we don’t know how reliable or trustworthy they will be. Since we place such a high value on our reputation we won’t risk that by using an agency.

We use practical vehicles after surveying your home

We have vans designed for different types of home removals and our surveyor will ascertain the best ones for each job on their individual merit. Some of our competitors just use one van and sometimes it is so big it blocks neighbours’ access to the street, causing a disruption and upsetting fellow residents. We will always use a van that causes no interruption and carries the most items, ensuring your home removal is finished as quickly as possible.

At Royston Removals our reputation is everything

We are a small team that takes pride in our work and always work to satisfy our customers, unlike some of the bigger firms who place little emphasis on individual needs. We ensure everything is planned meticulously and our customer’s needs are placed above all else.

Royston removals 2Liability Insurance

Everything that is transported by us is covered by liability insurance worth up to £40,000, which covers any accidental damage of your items, but to this day we have never damaged a single item!


All of our vans and vehicles are cleaned before and after each house removal, plus we provide all necessary packaging materials to help keep all of your items and furniture completely clean and secure. Our vans have all modern conveniences installed and have been fitted with specialised equipment for moving items such as pianos.