Moving tips from Royston Removals

Royston-removalsWe are here to help with house removals in Royston whenever we can

For any of your removal needs in and around the Royston area, or even to other areas of the UK or Europe, we are just a phone call away.

This is a quick guide for moving with one day to go:

  • Packing and labelling – All but the bare necessities should now be carefully packaged and labelled, which will make unpacking a lot easier
  • Dismantle where appropriate – Our Royston Removals team are happy to assist with this if we have arranged so beforehand, but otherwise furniture should be dismantled if possible. Other white goods should also be disconnected and ready to load onto the van, preferably fridges/freezers should be defrosted too
  • Snacks – This is something that lots of people don’t think about until it’s too late. Moving all of your furniture means you can’t cook or even make tea/coffee so a flask and cold drinks along with light snacks are best prepared in advance. Also it’s advisable to plan an evening meal in case the removal isn’t complete by then
  • Garden Furniture/outdoor items – The weather in the UK seldom stays pleasant so outdoor furniture is best covered up to prevent indoor furniture getting wet, especially wood which could cause woodrot
  • Parking – Try to leave your car or other motor vehicles away from your home so our vans have easy access
  • Mobile Phone – Moving can take a while so mobiles should be fully charged
  • Sleep – It’s going to be a busy day so a good night’s sleep is a must!

Royston removals 3At Royston Removals we recommend these tips for moving day:

  • Children and Pets – We recommend leaving pets and children with friends or family the day before so we are ready to begin instantly
  • Bathroom/Kitchen – Pack the rest of your essentials and label them clearly, ready for transit (except the kettle!)
  • Beds – Similarly, pack all linen from each room and clearly label the packaging
  • Our Royston Removal team arrives – Our team will check that nothing has been left behind and begin the removal process
  • Tea – Keep the tea and biscuits coming.
  • Before you leave – Make sure nothing is left behind and all doors/windows are securely locked. Make sure to take last minute meter readings and ensure electricity/gas/water has been turned off
  • Good Luck

If you need further assistance or are just curious about our Royston Removals service then don’t hesitate to give us a call.