Moving 2-4

Royston-removalsPlanning to move in the next 2 to 4 weeks? We can help.

Royston Removals strongly believe that a good, hassle-free house removal is only possible if planned to perfection beforehand. Our team has been doing this for years so they know exactly how to plan each delivery, ensuring everything goes off without a hitch.
We have compiled a list so our customers can prepare for their move well in advance, ideally two to four weeks prior to moving:

  • Packing – This is one of the most essential aspects of any house move, but our team can assist with packing/unpacking if needed. However, some essentials are best done by you well in advance to make the move as smooth as possible, especially small items like clothes, kitchen utensils, books, CDs and crockery
  • TV subscriptions and Internet – This is quite obvious but lots of people forget. Try to inform your providers so they can plan a new installation as soon as possible in your new home
  • Tenants – Lots of people forget to inform their landlord about their move and often sacrifice any security deposit as a result
  • Doctors – If you’re moving outside of Royston then you will need to register with a different GP, as well as de-register from your old one
  • School – This is one that seems obvious but it’s easy to forget until the last minute and that can makes things twice as hectic
  • Council Tax – Inform relevant authorities in both areas.
  • Banks – Not a priority but banks don’t like it when people change addresses without informing them
  • Packing Materials – Moving requires lots of boxes and other packaging materials, which most of us don’t have but we can help with that too
  • Label everything – This is of paramount importance and will save significant amounts of time when it comes to unpacking

Royston-removalsAt Royston Removals we know how quickly a moving day can come, so here is a quick list with one week to go:

  • Packing – Everything but the essentials for living should be safely packed inside a clearly labelled box
  • Post office – Mail redirection is vital when it comes to moving home
  • Pets – In all the commotion it’s ideal that all pets and even children are elsewhere during any house removal
  • TV License – Transfer your license to your new address.
  • Change of address – Banks, credit cards, car insurance and house insurance, doctors and dentists

Give us a call at your convenience and we will be happy to answer questions you may have, plus we can offer a free no obligation quote.